Greenhouse Products

Commercial greenhouses are a huge investment and you want to make sure that whatever type you buy is ideally suited to your venture. Agrispan has several types of greenhouses that will make your crops work!

Agrispan Greenhouses Tunnel 600

Tunnel 600

Tunnel 600 is a unique model specially designed to grow and protect outdoor crops from rain, wind and low temperatures.

  • Advances the crops, improves yield with a better quality.
  • Very easy to build. Use of SCREW ANCHORS (Augers) make the tunnels easy to move-displacable.
  • The film can be lifted upwards in any position for ventilation and harvesting.
  • Covered with strong Long Life film.
  • Heavy duty tension cables used to hold the film.

Find more information in the Tunnel 600 productfolder.

Agrispan Greenhouses Multitunnel 600

MultiTunnel 600

Comes with similar features as that of Tunnel 600.

  • Multiple spans help to cover larger areas in a single structure.
  • Easy to build and move from one place to another.
  • Very modular in nature. Multiple choices available.
  • Strong and long lasting film cover locked with special tension cables.
  • Provision to lift the film at any position which helps in proper ventilation and harvesting.

Find more information in the Multitunnel 600 productfolder.

Tunnel 960 – Your best choice!!

A small greenhouse with good ventilation properties and full protection against insects. This greenhouse type is absolutely universal!

  • The most economic way of growing plants, flowers and vegetables for the small and
    medium size grower.
  • The straight side allow easy working and cultivation of climbing parts such as tomato,
    cucumber, pepper, etc.
  • A modular system of the prefabricated components. Very easy and fast to build even
    with unskilled people.
  • Available in standard width of 9.6 mtr and in multiple of 2.5 mtr from 20 mtr up to 100 mtr
  • The quality of our greenhouses conform to the world quality standards and will make
    sure you get the best of your crops. Order a free commercial offer and you will be
    pleasantly surprised.

Find more information in the Tunnel 960 productfolder.

Agrispan Greenhouses Multispan Autovent

Multispan Autovent

The Multispan Autovent Greenhouse has been developed in collaboration with European partners. State of the art technology from Europe and the talent and skills from India, en- sure a synergy that is almost impossible to match.

  • A maintenance free Greenhouse, fully galvanized and covered with superior 3 layer film.
  • Very easy and fast to build, even with unskilled labour. All components are prefabricated, the modular system can be build in any size in multiples of in modular sizes ….just perfect!
  • The presence of continuous roof ventilation with a high air capacity, positioned at the top of each bay, provides the best climate during the day and night and is motorized to open and close, depending on the climate conditions.
  • The drive system can also be linked to sensors and a mini computer for fully automatic operation.

Find more information in the Multispan Autovent productfolder.

Agrispan Greenhouses Multispan Sawtooth

Multispan Sawtooth

The new multispan 800/960 Sawtooth open top!

  • Maximum transmission up to 91 %, diffuses light up to 75 %, helping even spread of light to prevent burning of plants and reducing the temperature inside the Greenhouse.
  • The Thermic effect of film reduces the day-night temperature difference inside the Greenhouse.
  • Maximum ventilation is provided that leads to good quality air circulation inside the Greenhouse.

Find more information in the Multispan Sawtooth productfolder.